The Long-Term Transmission Network Development Plan for the Period 2017-2026 was approved at the session of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission held on 26 January 2017 in Tuzla.

This planning documents, which was prepared by Elektroprenos Bosne i Hercegovine (Company for Transmission of Electric Power in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and subsequently revised by the Independent System Operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, defines the required reinforcement of the existing transmission network facilities and construction of the new ones to ensure timely commencement of activities with regard to designing, constructing and putting into operation of infrastructure necessary for a continuous supply and stable operation of the system. The total value of investments as projected by the Long-Term Plan amounts to 825.44 million BAM.

The Long-Term Plan envisages the construction of new substations and transmission lines the value of which amounts to 206.12 million BAM and new interconnectors the value of which amounts to 89.99 million BAM. The Plan also includes the reconstruction and expansion of substations (331.04 million BAM), reconstruction of transmission lines (140.59 million BAM), refurbishment of the SCADA system (supervisory control and data acquisition) and telecommunication equipment (44 million BAM), and installation of shunt reactors to improve voltage regulation in the power system (13.70 million BAM).

At the same session, the Investment Plan of Elektroprenos BiH for 2017 was also approved, which includes a detailed structure and dynamics of implementing the planned investments.


The State Electricity Regulatory Commission is an independent and non-profitable institution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which acts in accordance with the principles of objectivity, transparency and equality, and has jurisdiction over and responsibility for transmission of electricity, transmission system operation and international trade in electricity as well as generation, distribution and supply of electricity for customers in Brčko District BIH.

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