At the session of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission held on 29 December 2015 in Tuzla, following the public hearing, a Decision was adopted determining the annual revenue requirement of the Independent System Operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016 and maintaining the tariff for its operation at the present level of 0.0592 fening/kWh.

The tariff for system service amounting to 0.5014 fening/kWh was determined by a separate decision whereby a set of rules and decisions introducing the market principles into the former fully regulated method of providing ancillary services and balancing of the BiH power system was completed as of 1 January 2016. In this manner the functionality of open wholesale and retail electricity markets has been increased and one of the measures accepted within the Berlin process by Prime Ministers of six counties in the region has been implemented.

The decisions of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission will not have any impact on changes of electricity prices paid by end customers.

At the same session, SERC approved amendments to General conditions for electricity supply in Brčko District BiH


The State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) is an independent and non-profitable institution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which acts in accordance with the principles of objectivity, transparency and equality, and has jurisdiction over and responsibility for transmission of electricity, transmission system operation and international trade in electricity as well as generation, distribution and supply of electricity for customers in Brčko District BIH.

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